This body of work interprets the botanical through various lenses. I am fascinated with the botanical, whether it is representations of the botanical (refer to the series The Botanical Papers, a series exploring graphic interpretations of the botanical) or formal studies of botanical forms (The Botanical Portraits) it continues to be a subject that I will never tire of exploring, transforming, manipulating.  

The Botanical Thread (2008) MFA thesis
This series began as my thesis work at the Rochester Institute of Technology. I have continued this series in the following years, exploring its implications and potential.

My work is an exploration of my dual desires of creation/ destruction and manipulation/transformation as realized through the remediation of botanical specimens gathered from my domestic environment and transformed into works of art.

Each image questions and presents an understanding of the history of botanical representation, within Western art history, as symbols of nature and femininity and the domestic skill of needlework, a traditional skill learned by women as part of the feminine. I created a conceptual dialogue with those who preceded me, intrinsically linking the acts of sewing and botany as re-interpreted feminist acts.

I also explore the botanical specimen in a purely formal manner, focused on elements of design and the play of light to transform the everyday plant into poetic instances.